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General Data Protection Regulations

On this page we do not use any kind of cookies, trackers, or other analysis tools. However, for technical reasons, some logging is done by the hoster we are using. As usual on web servers the following information is logged, when you connect and browse (to) this web site:

How can I contact you?

For all questions about this website, whether it is about a specific game, additional information or whatever, just contact us via the Unity One Discord. Once there, you might want to ask for a certain 7Saturn, Capt.Sedaris (V) or Daggo.


This page uses a system of displaying information. It might not be immediately apparent, what certain formats of text mean, so here is an explanation, what the intended information behind it is:

Normal TextNo special meaning.
Text in italicsThis is some sort of literal text, like a button text, a menu item or a file name to be looked for.
Text in monospaceThis is some sort of text to be entered literally, like some config variables or values.
Text in italics and monospaceThis is text to be entered (e.g. config values) but to be replaced with your own text/values, e.g. your user name or player name.
keyA key that is to be pressed, in the sense of some PC keyboard input.